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Dentist in Keller TX Relieves Your Ache

Your dentist in Keller TX often treats patients that suffer from a painful condition called Orofacial pain. This issue is largely related to the TMJ joint (where jaw and skull meet) and can cause chronic headaches, discomfort, clicking or popping of the jaw, spasms and general pain in the facial/mouth/sinus areas.


This pain can be brought on to the patient by a number of circumstances. Chronic teeth grinding, known as bruxism, has been identified as a major instigator. Misaligned teeth, an unstable bite, missing teeth and even the general force we exert by swallowing or chewing some 2000+ times a day can even, over time, do damage to this joint and bring on the ache.


Luckily if you suffer from this pain, a variety of treatments could be applied by your dentist in Keller TX to help alleviate it.


Such treatments that have had success include a reshaping of the teeth, splints put on the teeth, crowns or other orthodontic and permanent appliances. Sometimes various surgeries, as well as therapies have also been found to be effective.


If you feel you suffer from some sort of orofacial pain due to some of the circumstances listed above (or not), schedule an appointment with your dentist in Keller TX to identify the underlying cause and discuss your options for treatment.


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