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Dentist in Keller TX on Oral Health Hazards

Your dentist in Keller TX has seen the unfortunate results of plenty of different types of dental detriments. From the impact of drinking sugary sodas over time, to what can happen if you don’t brush and floss daily- Dr. Patel likes to think that he has seen it all.


And while most patients are more familiar with situations like the two listed above, many more patients will come into our office that have suffered from some of the “lesser thought of” teeth wreckers out there.


From ice cubes to football helmets, gummy bears and more- it is sometimes the seemingly “innocent” things that can do the most harm to our teeth.


In order to make all of his patients more familiar with a wide range of dental damagers, your dentist in Keller TX was scouring the internet to find something that provides both great detail, as well as the visual aids we all love to accompany such articles.


Well after some searching, we did it…and wanted to share it with you today:


Click here to view a WebMD slideshow of some of the most hazardous, potential teeth wreckers out there!


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