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Your Dentist in Keller TX Uncovers the Secret to Oil Pulling


You may have heard about oil pulling as an effective treatment for reducing plaque related to gingivitis. Many health magazines and blogs are talking about the benefits of oil pulling for your oral health, but what is oil pulling and is it really good for your oral health?


Oil pulling is actually a traditional therapy for reducing plaque and tooth decay and goes as far back as 1,500 years ago. Historians believe It was first mentioned in early Ayurvedic text known as Charaka Samhita. The entire process consists of rinsing or swishing approximately one tablespoon of oil (typically coconut or sesame) around in your mouth. As the oil hits your teeth and gums, microbes are picked up as though they are being drawn to a magnet. Any bacteria hiding under crevices, gums, pore and tubules within the teeth are sucked out and held firmly in the solution. It takes about 20 minutes of swishing for the process to complete. After this time, the person spits out the oil and rinses with water.


Many people who have committed to oil pulling claim that it has helped whiten their teeth, alleviate bad breath and even reduce gingivitis. While this may be true, oil pulling should always be practiced in conjunction with regular visits to your dentist in Keller TX every 6 months. While this simple technique makes sense and theory and may very well improve dental health, it should never completely replace recommended oral health routines like brushing, flossing and rinsing daily, and visiting your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups. Perhaps, oil pulling can be a solution for patients who have tried countless measures for reducing bad breath and gingivitis. There is no doubt that oil pulling lessens the amount of bacteria in the mouth, however, it should not play the sole role in maintaining oral health.


If you choose to try oil pulling, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Remember to swish gently. Swishing for 20 minutes can cause a lot of unnecessary pain and stress to the jaw. If your jaw starts to ache after 5 minutes, that’s probably a signs that you need to slow down the swishing.


  • Do not swallow the oil while swishing. If you find it hard not to, then you probably have too much oil in your mouth. Spit it out and try again with a smaller amount.


  • Once you have finished pulling, spit the solution into the trash. Do not discard the oil in your sink or down the toilet because over time the oil may build up and cause clogging.


  • Do not drink anything before rinsing your mouth. Rinse with water first before consuming another beverage.


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