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Wisdom Teeth Removal

As much as one would like to not have to deal with wisdom teeth, it’s inevitable for almost everyone. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars to come into an adult mouth, and only a small percentage of the population is actually born without them. Unfortunately, in many individuals, the wisdom teeth are angled incorrectly and not aligned with the current set of molars. To avoid damage to the jaw and teeth, it’s important to know and understand the signs that your wisdom teeth are ready to be removed. 
When Should I Get Them Removed?
The first step should be getting an X-ray done by your doctor as soon as possible. This will let the dentist know exactly how many of your wisdom teeth are impacted, and also help them estimate around what time you’ll need to have them removed. After that, be sure to be conscious of any discomfort or unusual feeling you may have in your jaw that could be your wisdom teeth coming through. Of course, it’s imperative to act quickly so that your smile will not be affected. 
Having your wisdom teeth removed is a surgical procedure, so you’ll likely be given a moderate sedative to relax you during the process. Moderate anesthesia like oral conscious sedation typically requires a bit of recovery time, so make sure you have a trusted relative or friend to drive you home after the procedure. 
Can You Ever Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?
There are some situations in which individuals decide to keep their wisdom teeth rather than have them removed early on. Many dentists encourage patients to have them removed as early as possible because of the variety of dental issues that could potentially arise from fully developed wisdom teeth. Nevertheless, there certainly are wisdom teeth that grow in and avoid damaging any of the adjacent teeth. If you do choose to forgo removing them, make sure to keep visiting your dentist twice a year for regular checkups and assessments on your oral health. Always be conscious of any unusual feelings you may have around your jaw, and let your doctor know first! Removing the wisdom teeth is much more about prevention rather than treating a current ailment.
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