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Dentist in Keller, TX Discusses Zinc

In a normal diet, zinc is found in food such as fish, beef, eggs and yogurt. It can also be added to the person’s lifestyle in the form of a supplement. What many people don’t know is that zinc is found in many dental products, particularly in denture adhesives.
Whenever we discuss the use of a mineral, vitamin or herbal remedies, it is important that we look at potential reactions. Having too little or too much zinc in your diet can cause issues.
If you wear dentures, it is especially important that you pay attention. Many denture adhesives contain zinc and when used in excess, could lead to toxic levels being ingested. If this occurs, you could expect to suffer some neurological effects.
In addition to these dangerous consequences, those who use too much adhesive could face the following symptoms as well:
· Nausea
· Upset stomach
· Mouth irritation
· Dryness of mouth
To use the proper amount of denture adhesive, you want to place thin layers of dots across the surface of your dentures. A single, regular-sized tube should last you three to ten weeks if you are using it properly.
If you are overusing the adhesive, it could be a result of the dentures not fitting properly. This is normal as your mouth continues to change and the bone shrinks. Instead of overusing the adhesive, it would be wise to visit the dentist and discuss options for a better-fitting pair of dentures.
While the FDA doesn’t have any warnings regarding the application of denture adhesives, you still want to be wise with your usage. Overdoing any product that contains minerals could be damaging to your health. If you have concerns about the amount of zinc you are ingesting, or if you need tips on how toget more in your diet, make an appointment to speak with your dentist in Keller, TX.
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